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Our Story


Our story began in 1894 in a small town called Zlin, in the Czechoslovakia. The siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata founded the T.& A. Bata Shoe Company with $320 inherited from their mother. With over 300 years of family history in shoemaking, the reputation for quality and know-how of the Bata name helped propel the company’s start-up.

Bata Mauritius

Being the ninth generation of shoemakers, they introduced innovation which brought about the “Batovka”, a high quality, mass-manufactured, affordable shoe for working people. The Bata legacy had just begun.

BATA started building its name in Mauritius as from 1952 and has been serving the country since then. The Bata has been continously trying to adapt itself to new trends and demands.

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